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How Tolerant Are You?

Good Morning!


Really, how can you tolerant someone who does the same thing to you over and over again? It’s not always easy to understand others and be tolerant in life. Oftentimes, you and I get frustrated to the point of giving up on the situation or a person.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there and know too well how to deal with different personalities in life. One thing you have to remember is that you’re not alone. It takes practice in order to tolerate a spouse, child, friend, boss, family, etc. And you will find out that these people know you the best. They know what can trigger you to the point of saying things that you should have not said. They already know your demeanor to understand that you will not tolerate certain things. So, why do they keep on doing the same thing?


They do it for different reasons-For example, to get a kick out of it and to see if you will give in to their manipulations. Guess what? You need to be smarter and know their schemes or games and take control. How do we take control? Simple-Ignore them!


If one day your boss says to come to work at 8:30 AM instead of your usual time at 9:00 AM, try to listen and follow the request and show up. The same boss might attempt another request for additional assignments. You can do these extras if you choose to, unless it is something that will harm your life or reputation. Always be discreet and know your boundaries and know how far you can’t take it. If you feel that his or her requests are redundant and out of the company’s policy, then you may have to speak to someone who is higher or has more authority than your boss.


The key is not to fall into someone’s tactic to make your life miserable. I was never a tolerant person until now. As I get to know people better and understand how they can manipulate you, I now realized how to deal with them daily. Being a tolerant person is a skill that one can develop if we don’t already have it in order to flow in unison with life. You can’t let other’s misery bring you down. Your happiness should be a priority in order to live a long life. Learn to deal with people from all walks of life. Once that happens, you will realize that life is what you make out of it. Stop letting people rule your life and take control today!







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