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Sunday’s Praise

Good Morning,


I’m so happy and blessed to do this blog where I can express myself freely. And I like the fact that I can share some things about myself to people that I don’t even know personally. One very important thing about my existence is the fact that I’m saved and have received Jesus in my life when I was 13 years old. Let me first begin by saying that being a Christian does not mean that you got it all under control. But through the works of the Holy Spirit who is my comforter, I can say that if I was not saved then I’m not sure how my life would have turned out to be.


We are living in a world of confusion due to so many religions. However, one thing that I’ve noticed is that a personal relationship with Jesus who shed His blood for us on Calvary will take away any confusion in life. I’ve endured so many things in my life and I know for certain that if it was not for the Lord in my life-I would be emptied spiritually. I have joy, peace, love, etc. all from the fruit of the Holy Spirit once I surrendered my life to Him completely.


I praise Him today because he allowed me to live after so many death attempts caused by the devil. He has placed my feet on solid ground and I can now give Him all the glory that is due back to Him. I give Him my best praise today-not just on Sunday’s-but every day that I wake up and be in my right mind. I’m taking a class called psychopathology and I’m learning about so many mental diseases which I believe that they are demonic spirits attaching people. As I read one of the books “DSM-5” and see that I’m well and can function daily; I praise God for that blessing.


Let me tell you one thing-I may not be rich, but what I do have now, money can’t buy it. You see many Hollywood stars have lots of money yet they are not happy. The true happiness comes from knowing Jesus because even when friends or family members may leave you, but He (Jesus) won’t ever stray away. I just love Him!


Again, I’m just sharing His love for me and His power in my life. Thank you for reading and although I would love to share back and forth with you via social media about your experiences whether or not you are a believer (I respect all faiths), but the time won’t permit me to do so. I just have an Instagram account for now. Everything has its own timing and season. At this time, I’m just happy sharing with you and who knows where God can take this message to. But everything will be for His glory.  Again, I praise Him today.




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