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Why Did This Happen To Me?


Good Morning,


When we face obstacles and issues in life, we might ask ourselves “why did this happen to me?” I don’t know how many times I’ve asked this question by trying to analyze the reasons. I believe that everything happens in life for a reason. There is a reason why I was born to the family and nationality that God placed me to be in life. What is so sweet and unpredictable is that sometimes we don’t know the reasons, and other times-may be after a while-we then realize why we had to go through it.


My family and I just found the news that the property that we are renting now will not be renewed and the owner will place the house for sale end of this year. At first, we both were shocked because we have been saving to buy our home within one or two years. But now, we believe that this happens so that we can work harder to owning our house very soon. We say very soon, but we are still taking our time and won’t rush into a major decision like this. When we bought our first home, we were in such hurry and made the wrong choice at that time and ended up losing it. This time, we are more mature and will make the best decisions with a lot of wisdom.


I’ve come to realize that seeking for answers is not the way to go; we must take actions when the unexpected happens. This news has kept all of us busy trying to find a new place, but I think it’s the right detour in our lives in order to reach our dreams in life. Remember:


  • You don’t have to ask why it happens to you.
  • Know that your purpose can be fulfilled from the unexpected.
  • Position yourself to always go for what your heart desires.
  • Don’t settle for less because you were impatient to wait.
  • Don’t get attached to material things.
  • Don’t ever stop dreaming and reach your full potential in life.

We now understand the answer to this question because we will be homeowners again!







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