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Why Diet Does Not Work?

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It makes a lot of sense why I’ve been unable to lose the weight within the time frame in my life. You see, not only that I go to school full time and taking care of three kids mostly on my own because my husband gets home normally around 7 and 8 pm, I have other stress in my life and now I can understand why I can’t lose these pounds faster.

Right now, the most important thing to do is for me to make baby steps while getting the understanding that diet does not work with many issues in life (And remember that we’re looking for a new place too). I believe once I’m done with school next year, I will be able to control other stressors in my life. But for now, I won’t worry about the fact that I’m not seeing a lot of results. I will continue to drink my green tea, eat oatmeal, and do my 30 mins a day (I have seen some results while I eat a balanced meal).

I think it’s important to eat small portion and exercise. I have seen some changes just by eating salad with proteins and less carb.

Diets don’t work and what really works is portion control along with exercise.  I also believe in intermittent fasting where you give yourself a break from eating.

Also, watch was goes well with you and what does not.  When you were younger, you can eat anything.  But as our metabolism slows down, it will be harder to lose the weight eating starch everyday.

I hope that one day my desired weight goal can be reached very soon. In the meantime, I wish everyone success along your journey (Diet or not) and enjoy eating all the wonderful meals with your family on Thanksgiving day.





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