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Why Can’t I Lose The Extra Weight?

Good Morning,


Yep! I’m still struggling to lose these extra pounds after giving birth two and a half years ago (My son was almost ten pounds). I want to lose the weight not for how society wants us to look like; I want to do it for me. I was more flexible with my body and shopping was easier to do. Let me tell you that it’s very hard to be disciplined when you’re kids are eating pizza or my favorite Oreos cookies and you just have to watch them.


I don’t feel like my body is as toned as before after having three kids, but since I gained the most with my last one, I’m on a quest to losing that weight. Also, I know that I have to make sure that everything is working properly in my body and to stay away from stress in order to see results.


What am I doing to make it happen? Well, I don’t eat fast food and unhealthy food, only once in a blue moon. I may give in to the temptation when my kids are eating pizza but we try not to order it all the time. With my busy schedule and weather changed, I try to exercise at home and eat healthier as much as possible. It’s a challenge to stay healthy, but when you have the will and focus then anything is possible. I will keep you updated with any setbacks or accomplishments I might find along the way. If you have a goal to reach, whether it’s weight or career goals, stay in the same path and don’t give in to any detour that may happen in your life.


Once you realized that the mind is powerful and can adapt to any changes, then our dreams and hopes can become a reality. Let’s support one another in this journey!


Good day,



Update: I joined a gym last year and I lost 30lbs. I will write a post about it.



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