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Pulling Yourself Through Tough Times


Good Morning,


I had my plan to write about financial stability today. But there’s something that my family and I have been working on, and it did not come to pass. I had no doubt that it would not come true. I placed my 100% and had faith that God will make a miracle.


Guess what? It did not happen.


Once you give Him (God) control, He can take you wherever He wants to and do whatever He wants to in your life. And sometimes it’s not the right timing or season for our plans to come into reality. I was ok with the news and still gave God the praise, but when I had to explain it to my kids who saw my faith and witness my joy, then I became sad.  But it was also a teaching moment to tell them God is always in control.


Do you know what it feels when you’ve been hoping for something and you can actually see it in front of you and then nothing happens?


This is my reality today. I may not know the reason yet, but one day I will find out. It will all make sense in the future. If you are going through something or received a bad news like I did today, please watch this video.  Note: This video does not belong to me.



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