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Lessons Learned from the Move

Good Morning (Sak Pase)!

It has been a week since we moved and finally everything is in its proper place. Originally, we were going to hire a company to move us and some good friends of ours actually volunteer their time. But, my husband thought that we could do it ourselves with just a hand truck. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea! I mean we have a bunch of stuff. However, as we started doing the big pieces of furniture first, we then realized that it was not a big deal. We worked so hard and the kids helped too. I’m glad that I started doing some physical training prior to this move.

During the whole process of the move, my husband and I were amazed of our mental and physical capacities. We learned that sometimes if you train your mind to do the impossible then your body will follow through.

We love this new place and have been sleeping better every night. When we entered the home on the first day, we prayed and dedicated it to God.

My favorite part was decoration! I was like a kid in a candy store even though I used the same items from my old place. I worked tirelessly to make sure that things were in their proper places. I got creative with some old things and made them look brand new by changing things a few things around.

I also learned that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home feel like home. It was fun doing this by ourselves. When we buy our home soon, I’m not sure if I will be up to it (not getting some extra help). However, it was a great learning experience and my family is now enjoying our new place.

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By Meyou
By Meyou


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