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Good Morning!

I’ve been away for sometimes now because I was decorating our new home and went back to school. By the way, I’m still praying to get an ok from God before I add the pictures that I promised of the new home. I don’t want to be seen as if I’m showing off my stuff. Everything from the inside of our home has been pretty much decorated but we will focus on the outside starting next month before it gets very cold. I have four more classes to finish this certificate and I tell you that the devil used one of the teachers to discourage me. But I did not give up! I’ve encountered such personalities before and this time not only did I prayed but I also sent a letter to the dean.

It is our right to take action sometimes and speak up when we are being persecuted unjustly and disrespected. I’m the type of person who does not like to talk a lot unless I’m really hurt because I like to observe first before I speak up (I’m an introvert by nature), but when I know that I worked hard for my grades and for someone to just give me an F for no reason then I had to say something. By the grace of God, I finished the term with one A and one B, and I will take one class next term instead of two classes so that I can enjoy my life with less stress.

Last month, I closed all my social medias in order to concentrate on my studies, but  yesterday I opened them back and found a YouTube video of this gentleman discussing a very good subject about false prophets asking for money. This video gave many examples of false teachers who are actually on TV proclaiming “The Gospel” and I always had a problem with them. I understand that we have to support the churches that we go to on a regular basis, but I don’t agree when they claim that God will bless you if you give this amount of money. For example, I’ve heard one Preacher said that if you give this amount of money then you will be healed. We have to be careful and if it’s not in the Bible then we have to pray about it for confirmation.

The Bible that I read explains that the gift of life is free and eternal. You don’t have to run after a man of God to lay hands on you when we can pray for ourselves if we believe. I believe in the anointed oil.  It is ok to have someone lay hands on you, but it should not be a habit because we have to exercise our faith from time to time too.  We have direct access to God who is our Protector, Counselor, Healer, etc. It is said in Isaiah 55:1

55 “Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost”.


This verse is very clear and we should feel uncomfortable when we go to church and all we hear is money…money…money. This is why we have to test the spirit of a man who speaks or preaches the word of God. We have to examine if the words that they are saying are aligned with God’s word. In addition, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s a sign that something is wrong. I applaud churches who are praying and giving to the needy without a cost attached. The Preachers who only want to be famous and taking God’s people money will have to deal with our Creator one day. Don’t stop giving your offering and tithe because of them.  God will deal with them!

What we should do is to continue to be real in our walks with God. Know that you have full access to the gospel without a cost. Know that He will forgive your sins if you believe in your heart and don’t doubt. Know that He will never leave you nor forsake you. Know that His word which is the Bible is true. Know that He will dry your thirst if you are willing to drink. Know that His arms are always open to forgive you no matter how far you’ve gone. Know that His love is everlasting and His power is unimaginable and He will help you make it there one day if you have faith in Him. Trust in His word!

Peace be with you my friend!

By Meyou
By Meyou


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