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Good day!

I have been wanting to give my opinion about celebrating Halloween then I said “no” and changed my mind until someone texted me today to ask my opinion about it. To me, it was a confirmation for me to share my opinion on this site as well. I said opinion because I truly believe in respecting other’s beliefs even when they are different from mine. One thing we must realize is that everyone has different faith and was brought up differently than you and me.

Therefore, my opinion on this blog is always about my belief in God. And I’m not sharing this to say that I’m perfect but we are called to be peculiar people living in this world

As I was saying, we all are in different walks or levels in our belief when we become a Christian. That’s the reason we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us daily directions. It’s ok to ask some people about their opinions on certain subjects related to God. However, you will eventually get in the habit of going to God for an answer. You will be surprised how He answers you if you are patient enough to listen. Sometimes He will use a child to give you an answer or a even stranger.

When it comes to this Halloween topic, I asked my kids today what do they think about it and they replied that they don’t see the meaning of celebrating this holiday because of how they were brought up. Some of you may say that I must have been brainwashed them, but don’t be surprised to know that some kids have more wisdom than most adults. I’m happy that my kids think differently than most kids their age,  because I constantly have open dialogue about many topics in the world with them. I want them to ask me or their father any questions before asking someone else.

Sometimes, my kids would come home and said that kids or teachers asked them why they did not dress up in characters and they simply said that they don’t celebrate it.  Last year my daughter told me that she was the only one in her class to raise her hands and said no she does not celebrate Halloween. In addition, my son told me that he refused candies from classmates or teachers.

What the school tries to do now is to disguise it by saying it’s a character day and the kids need to dress up in such character.  Thank God that our kids never go to school wearing costumes and they have never been to anyone’s home for trick or treat. Plus, why would I put their lives in danger? I don’t know whom they are receiving these candies from. In addition, if you do some research online, this is the time of the year when most of the sacrifices take place.

This is a personal holiday that we don’t celebrate but you are happy to celebrate it with your family if you haven’t been convicted about it. It is more than a Fall holiday season, believe me.

I just want to add that I don’t agree with some churches who open their doors to do some events with the kids on that day. To me it’s the same thing as celebrating it. It’s either we are in the world or we are not. We have to be different and be an example in this world. It does not matter if people call you weird as long as we are standing for our beliefs. I already call my self weird all the time.

Are you willing to be awkward but real for Jesus? Let’s teach our children to be people of character whether people applaud them or not and let’s stand together for Jesus. In the end, we don’t want Him to say that He never knew us.  As some of us already know that judgment day will come soon. But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord!

Become TeamAwkReal (Awkward but Real) today!

With love!




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