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Good morning!

Today, I want to discuss a topic that is so dear to my heart. It’s about prayer and how we can continually develop a life of prayer. I thank God that I grew up in a christian home where it was an obligation to know God for myself. I became a Christian when I was 13 years old and got baptized at the age of 19.

Although I knew about the meaning of salvation, I was not close to God or prayed every day. I will not deny that I had my doubts that God existed when I was a teenager. I asked my mother many questions about Him and she answered them the best she knew how. My prayer life changed after having a relationship with God when I went to college.

I can honestly say that I found God while in college, because it was not about religion anymore or going to church 4 times a week that made me a saved person rather it was all about having a relationship with the God. I got myself involved in two Christian campus ministries and I learned a lot about the word of God or the Bible. It was in college that I learned how to speak in tongues after one of the pastors said if it is your heart’s desire to speak in tongues then asked for it. What was important for me besides the gift of speaking in tongues was my relationship with Christ.

My relationship with Him involves constant communication. When I knew without a doubt that He was my father and best friend, I just talked with Him like another human being. I did not have to close my eyes at times or go on my knees, I simply had to humble my heart, ask for forgiveness, and pray.  Although, it’s always best to kneel down or the traditional way of closing your eyes to prevent distractions but you really don’t have to.

There’s nothing wrong with closing your eyes or going on your knees because I do them from time to time. What I mean is that when you are so close to Him sometimes you don’t even have to go through all the rituals. However, there are some spiritual battle that I faced where I had to use these formalities such as using oil, covering my head, and kneeling down to pray. There are some stubborn demons you might encounter in your life and when you have no one else to pray with you then you need to do whatever is necessary to get them out of your life. Of course God can hear me if I only say “God you see everything,” but sometimes He wants us to open our mouth as a sign of surrender and to exercise our faith and ask Him.

Having a habitual prayer life will bring blessing to your life. It shows that you believe in a higher power to take care of you and that’s why He likes when we seek Him. God is not too busy to hear your prayers. He already knows what you’re going through. We only need to take the first step and reach out to Him. You don’t have to call your pastor or someone else to pray for you. You can do it yourself!

The pastors are facing their own battles too and need prayers as often as possible. I can understand if someone is really new in the body of Christ, then sometimes a helping hand from a brother or sister to pray with is alright. I’m referring to Christians who have been saved for a long time and are still afraid to communicate with God. Rebuke the spirit of unbelief and talk to your father!

I don’t know how my life would have been without a prayer life. God is taking care of my battles and He is blessing me at the same time because I give it all to Him. You can begin slowly in your relationship with God by listening to Christian songs that will uplifting your spirit.

There are certain TV shows that are inappropriate if you want to do this walk with God. I had to give up certain shows that I liked because I’m trying my best to live my life and please Him. Please don’t let others judge you if you’re not there yet. I remember when I was not doing all the right things in college and I had one of my roommates told my mom about my spiritual life. I was in a dark place and I hope she had prayed for me instead of talking negatively about me.

Again, begin to have faith that he knows you and created you for a purpose. You may not know it but stay focused, and He will reveal His plan for your life. Talking with God is very easy and He won’t judge you if you have a sincere heart. Always ask forgiveness and praise Him when you’re talking with Him. Prayer is not always asking God to give us things. We also pray to say thank you for what He has done and will do in our lives.

Be blessed today and remember that He is waiting to hear from you!

God bless you,


By Meyou
By Meyou


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