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When You Bless Others

Good morning!

I have a short testimony to share with you this morning. After we bought our house in August, my husband told me that one of his co-workers wanted to install a water purified under the sink. It has been my heart’s desire to have one. I was very surprised when I heard the news. The person came and installed it and I prayed a special prayer of blessing for him. Can you believe that his landlord asked him to leave and he went to look to buy a house but went to see the first house that he liked and now he will close on it next month?

My point is that when you bless the people of God, the blessing of God can be multiplied in your life in double measures. On the other hand, if you curse the child of God, mistreat them, talk bad about them for no reason, then the curses may come your way. But Christians can’t curse people, only God will be the judge and allow people to be cursed.

I pray today that we will live a life of blessing to others. You get more in return when you wish good things to people. If you have mistreated your brother or sister in Christ or a stranger, it’s not too late to ask forgiveness and start living a life of blessing to others.

Therefore, always be good and treat everyone with great honor, love, and respect!

Be blessed today!


By Meyou
By Meyou


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