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Big Purpose Blog Site Anniversary

One Year

Good morning!

This month has made it one year since I started this blog. I was supposed to do a video on how it all started, but I don’t have the extra time to do the editing so I said let me write this post instead. By the way, my class is going well and I’m feeling confident that I will pass this one again. The professor was very intimating at first he has written over 25 articles on my Behavior. I’m glad I did not give up or dropped the class because he turned out to be the best professor that I have had for a long time. Sometimes, the first impression we have about someone may not always be truth.

I must add that my daughter’s blog kind of pushed me to do this website. Because when I wrote for her at times when she is lazy, I felt like I needed to say more, but I could not because the topics were gearing toward children. It’s funny how God can bring something out of nothing when you least expect it. I will continue to write freely from my heart and let God lead me because this site is not about me.

Also, I’m not the best writer ever but I don’t let that stop me to write what I feel. It’s good to be vulnerable and put yourself out there whether others critic you or not. Please do something because you like to do it! My point is that you need to be authentic and keep going on your journey without anyone’s approval. Don’t do something for people, but do it because you like it!

One thing I love to do is writing and I used to love reading, but after three kids and going to school, I hardly have anytime for myself. However, I know things won’t stay the same. Life is a sacrifice and we have to sacrifice certain things in life in order to reach our goal.

I will have all the time of my life to send monthly videos and maybe write everyday for this site. I love the fact that I’m doing this because I want to do it without any pressure from anyone. Please know that I’m not doing this for fame and God knows my heart and I have to make sure that He receives all the glory in everything I do. I hope you come back again. Thanks for stopping by!




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