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What Is A Family?


I wrote this a long time ago and I wanted to share it today. I pray that each and everyone of you find people in your family who can meet some of these things on this list below. Life is all about happiness and if you did not have them in your family, you can create a good atmosphere in your current or future family.

To me, a family……
Communicates regularly with one another..
Loves one another unconditionally.
Wants the best for everyone.
Does chores together.
Laughs/jokes together.
Cries together.
Shares common dreams and aspirations.
Protects each other from harm.
Travels together.
Smiles with each other for no reason.
Plays and have fun together.
Seats and eats together.
Does not show favoritism
Supports one another.
Does not gossip about one another.
Always compliments each other.
Does not hold grudges.
Genuinely cares for one another.
Respects one another..
Is there in good or bad times.
Says positive things to lift you up.
Says “I’m sorry” when wrong.
Forgives one another.
Watches movies together.
Wants the best for one another in life.

And more…..



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