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Today, I just wanted to share with you that we should not look on the appearance of others and judge them. For example, someone may have a lot of material possessions and he/she is probably struggling with life. People can have everything money can’t buy and still not happy. Money, wealth, and economic status are not that important. They are good to have but we should not worship them.

My ultimate goal is see that God will be happy with everything that I do.

I have a God who has meant and will continue to meet all of my needs. There are many things that I want now and I don’t have them just because they are wants and not needs. However, I’m willing to go through my process of not having all of my want now so that I can appreciate the things that God will bless me with in the future.

If you need or want anything from God, you have to speak it or write it somewhere, and wait on God. Sometimes, you have to let other people know about your dreams and speak it out. But most of the time is good to keep quiet.

It will not come to pass if you yourself don’t believe it will happen.

There’s nothing my Jesus can’t do! We only have to believe in His power. How can someone become a millionaire in just one day? It’s because, they have visualized themselves being a millionaire for a long time. Let’s dream big because we are the inheritance of the great Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords.

No one can’t stop what God has already spoken over your life. But one thing I know is that I was never jealous of those of had it all or seemed to have it all. I like to lift people up by encouraging them. When God sees your heart and the love for people, He will reward you in due season. Keep your head up while you’re going through your struggles in life. Just know that it won’t last always!



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