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My Life Is A Testimony…

Buenos Dias!

I’m rejoicing today because this is my birthday month. I’m happy for the good and bad things that happened in my life. All I know, if God was not on my side, I would not be the person that I’m today. The devil’s plan for my life was to destroy it through accidents, suicidal thoughts, mental oppression, depression, and the list goes on. When people see my life and how happy I’m today although everyday is not the same, they would never know how much I cried and asked God “Why, why me?”

It makes sense now that God was preparing me for something greater and satan knew it. When God’s calling for your life is in such magnitude, you will be persecuted on a daily basis. I know there will be more persecution but will God I will be victorious!

Today, my life is a testimony and if you stay focused and be strong, your life will be changed and God’s purpose will come to pass. Even when you try to achieve things in life and you don’t see them realize yet, do not give up. Know that God knows every strand of your hair and everything that you are facing now will change tomorrow.

May His grace and favor cover you all the days of your life!

Yes, He is amazing!



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