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Your Spoken Words Are Your Imprints In Life


I woke up today and just thought about the little miracles that are happening in my life right now.

The words we speak or think of ourselves are very powerful. In addition, the words you speak over your life and children’s life can become reality if we don’t learn to speak positively. There will always be negative people in this world. We just have to learn to deal with the good and bad apple. You have to know yourself to realize that you can make an imprint for your life with your spoken words.

I take the words that my kids are saying about themselves very seriously. I often have to remind them that they have to be careful what they wish for.

The Bible talks a lot about what you speak can have power over your life. Don’t allow negative thoughts to let you believe that your situation will stay the same. There is constant changes in life and things will never stay the same.

Remove negative words and speak positive words of affirmation over your life today and you will see positive results!

In His love,




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