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Be You Blog Happy New Year (2017)

A NEW Year

Good morning,

Yes! We made it to 2017 and I’m so happy and grateful for how great God is to sustain me. I’m sure you probably went through many struggles last year and overcame all of them. This life is not easy but as I wrote on my last post, we have to find the fighter in us and don’t ever give up!

I claim this year will bring to pass so many of my dreams and aspirations. Like the bible says, you don’t have because you don’t ask. Therefore, I start saying positive things over my life and waiting for them to come to pass.

I hope your new year’s celebration was awesome. I went to church that night with my mother and the fellowship by singing, dancing, and drinking lots of pumpkin soup or soup joumou. In my Haitian culture, we drink soup joumou to celebrate our independence day and a little bit of our history can be found in this website called Kreyolicious. Here is a link of so many videos she’s posted on YouTube—->Video

To everyone reading my post, I always share a little about my culture because part of my culture makes me who I am today!

Until next time, stay blessed and reach your potential in life!




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