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Bible Study-Matthew

Good morning!

If you read Matthew 5 verse 1-16, you will read that Jesus was having a discussion with the disciples up in the mountain.  It begins in verse 3 that Jesus will bless the poor in spirit. What is that mean to me is that there will always be blessing for those who are seeking after Him.  If you think that you can live without Jesus then that’s not being humble.  Jesus desires that we are humble in order to receive more wisdom from Him.  Spiritual death is an important factor of why some don’t follow Jesus because the word FAITH is missing from their perspectives in life.  As I always said before, the Holy Spirit is the only One who can convince the heart of a man.  It’s good to give the message but let God has the way in a non-believer’s heart.

The next verse (4) talks about those who are mourning, they will be comforted-meaning that we will all go through things in life.  In addition, we at times might want to give up unless we put our faith and let God take the wheel.  For example, I was feeling very low with no direction two weeks ago.  When the next week came, all the doors were open for what I’ve been asking and praying for.  It takes patience to see results with the determination that God is in control.

Verse 5 discusses that we have to gentle, quiet, and submissive in order to get results in life.  You may have a boss who is making your life miserable.  One thing I can tell you is to forgive this boss and give it to God and you will see how God can change one situation to the next.  I’m seeing this current example happening in my job right now.  As I said before, if it’s dealing with any illegal then we must speak up.

Verse 6, 7, 8, and 9 are all connected because we as believers of Christ should lead by examples.  We need to fight for righteousness when we see evil; we need to create peace instead of division (That’s in all walks of life such as politics, family, work, etc.). We have to be pure of heart and always place ourselves in someone else’s shoes.  As you know, believers will be persecuted because we are different, but God’s kingdom will be ours one day!

The next verses explain that we have to understand when we represent the One that is Holy will come with great tribulations.  We can be as the nicest person as possible, but things may still turn out bad for you.  But we have to always remember our mission which is to be the salt of the earth because others are watching.  It does not mean that we won’t fall or make mistakes. However, the blood of Jesus will be our salvation and we will be alright!

Become the light of the world by our actions of treating others with respect and dignity.  This world can be very dark at times.  It needs soul that will stand and fight for righteousness!

Are you willing to shine your light for God on a daily basis?


By Meyou
By Meyou


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