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The Meaning Of Life: Why Was I Born?

           Happy Tenth Birthday to my first born son!

I feel so blessed that my son has reached his tenth birthday.  He conquered the possibility of being paralyzed when he was two months old.  When I observed that he was not breathing correctly after taking five vaccinations.  I immediately took him to his doctor who then sent me to the hospital.  I was told by the doctor if I had waited for one day, he would have been paralyzed or die.  Now this young man is very good at playing basketball and he is an Honor Roll student.  I have to add that I stayed with him the whole 15 days praying over him even when the doctor told me to go home.  His life is a testimony that God lives.  He is one of my many miracles and I’m so thankful for him!

Oftentimes, we ask ourselves these philosophical questions: What is the meaning of life?  Or why was I born into this family?  What is my purpose for living?  

I believe that these questions are valid to ask at some point in life.  I remember in my teenage years before I had a relationship with God, I asked myself many questions.  I was closer to my mom when I was growing up, so I asked her many questions about God hoping that she would help me understand a God that I could not see.  When I was 19 years old questioning myself about God’s existence, a young man came to me while I sat down at a college campus and said “God knows that you are searching for Him but you don’t have to search far because He is near you.”

I was amazed and asked myself how did this man came out of nowhere knew what I was thinking about.  This was one of my first encounters with God and it meant that my Jesus is alive.

Just like an acorn has purpose in life–there is a purpose for your life!

I have heard before that two important things about a person’s existence is when they were born and when they know their purpose in life.  This means that knowing who you are is  important in life.  I have to say that it took me a while to know my purpose in life.  Although I know my purpose in life, but sometimes I have doubts whether everything God told me will come to pass.  I saw many revelations from God and have faith to believe that He is the God from the Bible.  To believe in a God that we can’t see is to have faith that surpasses all understanding.  Faith means to trust in a God that we can’t see.

When we trust in God who came into flesh through Jesus and gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us (Three persons in God) then His wisdom will be revealed to us concerning why we were created into our family and where God will lead us.  God does not make mistake and I may not know the full reason why certain things happened to me, but I know if I seek His face and wait patiently, one day He will show me everything about my life.  Therefore, it is OK to question your life’s purpose!

Don’t feel awkward asking these questions about our existence because when we know who we are, we will feel more confident about ourselves.  You see, when a person who was adopted meets his or her biological parents for the first time, this person feels whole to finally know where he/she came from.

I encourage you to keep asking God to show you the meaning for your life.  As God says in His word, those who search for me will find me.  The feeling of wanting to know more about yourself is a connection that God is trying to establish with you.  Keep on seeking for life’s meaning and just like I was able to find Him and know that I was created with a purpose, I hope you will find your life’s purpose soon!




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