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When Your Mess Becomes Your Purpose



Good morning!

I have to be honest with you because I’ve been going through a lot of mess lately.  My creativity to post anything on this site took a toll on me.  I did not want to write a post just because I had to.  I write every post coming from the heart.

Today is a brand new day because God always renews our mess into blessings.

I don’t want to go into details of what I’m going through but I’m only here to encourage you not to give up while you go through your mess.  At times, God wants to mold us so that we can become the person that He created us to be.  If we stay in disobedience and unwilling to let Him have His way then we will stay longer in our mess.

His intention is to make us gold so that He can do His purpose in life.  To do His purpose requires holiness- because without it we can’t see God.  I also have to add that holiness is not just sexual immorality but it also deals about the people we hang out with, places we go to, and the things we expose ourselves to that become our priorities  (such as money, material possessions, etc) instead of God.

Remember that God will allow you to go to your mess so you can learn not to repeat it again.

I’m so thankful that I made these mistakes in my life so that I can truly know that the God that I serve is real.  I let go and let God by first being repented of my sins. I told Him to take control of my life and He did.  Please know that being Christ followers does not automatically allow you to stay in your mess. The Holy Spirit will convince you when you’re not on the right path.

His desires have become my desires ever since I gave him complete control.  I fast and pray more! I stay away from some people, technology, social media, etc in order to ear His voice clearly.  There are somethings you are going throughin life, it will only take the hand of God to bring you out of it.

I’m certain that He will never abandon His children if they have a repented heart and flee from sins and choose to live a life of sanctification.  God powers can help you live a sanctify life where certain urges to sin are no longer there.  For example, if you used to curse and repented of that.  Once God sees that you are sincere about it, that spirit of cursing will be gone from your life.

Your mess can bring your purpose into existence only if you submit to His will.  Be willing to repent, submit yourself, and let God rule your life.

You will never regret that decision!


Until next time,





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