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Some Friendships Can Stop Your Purpose


Friendships are important in life. Sometimes, we all need someone to share our pain and happiness. Many friendships can be created but the problem is to have friends who can’t help you reach your purpose in life.

Her name is Tiffany Simone.  She has a YouTube channel and she speaks from the heart.

I thought about adding one of her videos to this post but the site will be slow (click on her name above instead). I discussed on the last post about how we have to be careful with friendships when we are trying to obey God.

I can truly speak on this topic because I used to live for my own selfish desires, but God’s mercy always bring me back home.  I now realized that sometimes God allows you to go through the bottom and let you be you so that your testimony can be genuine.

God wants me and you to tell someone that it’s ok if you’ve made mistake by not following His teachings because His arms will always be open for us.  I not encouraging someone to continue on sinning because there’s a big difference with knowingly and unknowingly sinning.  Regardless of both measures, God will surely be the ultimate judge.

As I was saying with this topic, Satan can use relationships to derail us from reaching our purpose.  Some people have a manipulative spirit and want to control your destiny.  Therefore, be vigilant and guard your heart!

First, you need to know who you are in Christ to stop these relationships from controlling you.  That is why God places in my heart to discuss this topic of knowing your purpose in life because it is our imprints to living a fulfilled life.

Beware of your negative surroundings and people who doubt your dreams.  If God places a dream in your heart, do not allow other people to kill or steal it.  I always believe that will bring to pass what He already spoken over your life- just like Joseph in the Bible.  However, when we share our destiny to people, some will be the first to become your opposition and stop your vision from becoming a reality.

Remember to guard your heart and don’t share your innermost secret with certain people.  Ask God to help you to have a discerning spirit!  It will be best to write your dreams in a journal than to tell others.  I can tell you how many times I have been betrayed by so called “relationships” whether they are family, friends, acquaintances.  That is why my life is very personal now and I let God use me for His glory.

One thing I know is that God’s purpose will truly manifest in my life if I stay faithful, humble, and live a life that is pleasing to Him.  God is working on me to make me into His image and there’s not a relationship on this earth that can stop this mission.  He has my heart and I have His!

To conclude, be cautious of whom you hang out and tell your dreams.  Choose your relationships carefully!

In His love,






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