Tue, 12:50AM 17 September 2019

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Be Cautious Of Family Members Who Do Not Want You To Succeed

Today, I would like to inform you that I’m stronger and stronger through my daily walk with God. I had to go through the trials for me to know that after the flood, fire, God will bring me into my wealthy place.

I’m sharing this video because you might be experiencing the same issue that I experienced  with family members and that’s one reason I secluded myself from them after God showed me who they really are. I forgive them and pray that they will have a repentance heart, but I guard my heart when it comes to dealing with them.

Please watch this video of this dynamite woman of God who has blessed my life through her teaching because I’m sure you have a Judas in your life right now!

God bless you and remember to love purposefully!



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