Tue, 11:23AM 15 October 2019

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Four Years Into Existence

Good morning!

Today, this site has been into existence for four years.  I’m very happy that we are still here because do you know how many times I’ve lost my password or something bad happened.  Sometimes, I just pray and say God if you still want the website to keep on going then please fix it.

I’m very happy that God wants to use me as a vessel and He is shared something for me to write…actually, it’s a list of topics.  However, I’m studying for an exam right now and will start writing again from the bottom of my heart.  After the divorce, I can say that I’m settle now.  I just need to pass this exam and I will with God’s help.

This site will continue to inspire you to live a purpose life.  If you don’t know your purpose in life then you will be confused.  It’s important to take time for yourself and know for sure the reason why you’re still living.  If God gives you breath, we have to be thankful and use it for His glory.

I’m allowing God to use me the best He can…let’s stay connected for more topics.

Have a blessed day!



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