Tue, 12:49AM 17 September 2019

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Always Give Him Praise

I’m writing while reminiscing on the good and bad times of 2018. Some of us were fortunate enough to see 2019 while some were gone for eternity.

It’s always hard to imagine that any of us can pass away at anytime or moment. Whenever I see someone dies, it’s always a lesson for me to appreciate life and to always gives thanks to God for sustaining my life in spite of what I have been through.

For it is not easy to be a follower of Christ, and living for God requires a lot of self-sacrifice. It does not mean that we are perfect or will be sinless on any given day. However, Christians or some of them are trying their best to do what is pleasing in God’s eyes.

This year, I plan to live a purposeful life by giving my dreams, my wishes, and worries over to my Lord. There is not a family member or a friend that can have your back like Jesus. Although we are living in times that are uncertain. Some might worry about the next project for the future. And some might even worry about the next meal for their children. Rest assured that God knows the plan and our hurt. He is concern about every detail of your life because He created you.

When you are connected with God, he will revealed certain things to you that will help you in your current situation. What’s important is to be attuned with the Holy Spirit. Allow that still small voice to speak to you and guide you in every minute of this life.

God said in His word that He will not leave us not forsake us. I’m so eternally grateful to God for sending strong and spiritual men and women in my life at this moment that can encourage me with their words.

It is another reason why GMMY is created to encourage and lift you up and good or bad times. We are in the first month of the year but I would encourage everyone including myself to stay strong and be victorious in the life. It will not be our power that will fight this battle but God’s power. There are angels around who are waiting to fight on our behalf. We just have to be ready and speak!

Speak life for your health, family, children, career, friendship, opportunities etc. know that God has already prepared the way, we just have to walk in it. I’m ready! Are you?

Go get what is yours….



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